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Buying or selling a home is often the most significant financial decision that you will make. It can be a very intimidating experience as a result.  At Dracco Pacific Realty we streamline the process in order to save you time, money and stress. 

 What sets us apart from other brokerages is our capacity to market globally. We are a relationship-orientated company that puts our clients desires above our own.  As a result we have developed a client network that extends from Metro Vancouver, to the United States, all the way to Asia.  We have various types of clients that take advantage of our services for selling or investing in real estate, or finding a place to live.  This allows us to match your project or listing with a consumer from our vast network of willing, qualified clients.

At Dracco we believe that the quality of the agent determines the quality of the service provided. The more knowledge that an agent can pass on to their client, the more informed the client will be when making important decisions. Working closely with passionate, like-minded people is the key to personal growth. This belief system is what leads Dracco to only selects agents that are committed to constantly striving to become the best version of themselves. This allows us to provide the absolute best service to our clients throughout and beyond the transaction, connecting with them for a lifetime.

Dracco has developed a strict goal setting and training program for agents that runs every Tuesday morning. Our managing broker leads the first half of training, which focuses on any rule changes by the REBGV, along with practical training for agents. The second half of training is geared towards personal growth and development. Every week we have a different topic that is based off of a proven world-class performer in their chosen field. Leaders like Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Kobe Bryant and Darren Hardy come to mind. We look at some of their most important ideas and deconstruct them through critical thinking in order to apply them to our own lives. Every trainee is afforded the opportunity to develop their public speaking skills by sharing any “AHA moments” that they may have had during their analysis of the given topic. We promote healthy, long-lasting, collaborative relationships with our passionate agents through self-development and support. Deep thoughts inspire meaningful actions. We care about our agent’s growth! 

 While our primary focus is to satisfy our clients’ real estate needs, we also assist them in other areas including; setting up education for their children, finding a lawyer, acquiring medical insurance, sponsoring sports teams, or working with charities and non-profit organizations.  Our ability to connect people and our passion for helping our clients is unparalleled.

 At Dracco Pacific Realty we are efficient, we are effective, we listen to our clients and above all else we are professional. We are hardworking, real people and we will serve you as if you are too. With one phone call you can harness the power of Dracco to achieve your real estate goals.

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With over a decade of accrued knowledge in Greater Vancouver real estate, Dracco Marketing Company is prepared to serve you. Our ambition is to emulate the passion and diligence that you invest in each and every project in order to achieve the results that you deserve. Our innovative approach to marketing inspires a more personal relationship between developer and consumer that cultivates a deeper, more meaningful connection resulting in a more prominent, lasting impression.

Our power to positively impact your business is derived from our unique ability to deliver clients to your doorstep. The vast networks of trusting clientele that we have forged from the essence of our ability to advance your business. Combine that with our resourcefulness and unparalleled work effort and you will quickly discover what separates Dracco from our competitors.

We market globally and sell entirely.

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