Upon entering the industry Kevin has quickly developed into an experienced, hard working REALTOR® that is passionate about achieving his clients' goals. Being born and raised in Metro Vancouver, he has a depth of knowledge of the communities across the lower mainland. When he is not helping his clients, he is constantly focused on learning new skills and honing his craft in the real estate industry. Kevin's background as an entrepreneur and national representative athlete has equipped him with a fierce diligence and drive that he applies towards his work every day. His outstanding communication skills and helpful attitude have seen him quickly become a leader at Dracco Pacific Realty.

关于Kevin 自从成为了房地产经纪后,Kevin以很快的速度成为了富有经验和勤勉积极的专家,并且秉持着”客户的利益永远是第一目的”这样的工作态度。 因为从小在大温地区长大,他也对低陆平原的各个社区了如指掌。 在工作以外的时间,Kevin总是在增进自己对地产行业的知识以及技能,以便帮客户创造更多的价值。 在加入房地产行业以前,Kevin曾是国家代表队的运动员,也曾是一名创业家。这些历练造就了他抽丝剥茧的工作习惯以及燃烧的工作热诚,他也把这种态度注入到房地产工作的每一天。 他同时也非常的善于沟通和热爱助人,也因此快速的晋升成为了Dracco Pacific Realty中的队长。

My Commitment

100% Customer Service

Buying or selling a house is the largest and most important decision you'll make. We take pride in our knowledge, professionalism, and our ability to provide services. Whether buying or selling, we will work with you to achieve dream home and property goals.


We believe that all photos must look great, in order to sell in the shortest time. All photos are shot with full frame cameras for highest quality.


All listings are published on major newspapers, such as City Style Weekly and Canadian City Post ( Chinese newspapers ). Also are posted with realtor.ca, rew.ca and Homelink Real Estate of China.